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A&H Academy strives to offer a continuum of learning with a focus on light accelerated aligner orthodontics. Doctors and their teams go through a step-by-step learning process with real-time hands-on learning.

With an A&H training, dentists and their teams will learn new skills to keep pace with the dynamic and competitive dental landscape. You will learn how to solve problems quickly with expert training from our world-class faculty. The skills students learn will help them become more effective, more motivated, less stressed, and empowered to achieve more with their professional and personal life.

A&H delivers continuing education courses where you will :

  • Receive real-life, hands-on interactive training

  • Develop better communication and professional skills

  • Enhance team personal and interpersonal skills

  • Create a vision for your professional life

A&H Academy’s learning environment strives to:

  • Ensure curriculum is structured around the student and not the faculty

  • Provide traditional formats for learning as a stepping-stone to individually focused bespoke courses

  • Be conducted by world-class faculty who are A&H are leaders in their respective fields and have a desire to share how they achieved these levels


What is light accelerated aligner orthodontics?

OrthoPulse® is an established device that uses low levels of light energy to stimulate the bone surrounding the roots of your teeth and facilitate tooth movement which may reduce treatment time for braces or clear aligners.

OrthoPulse® is the first device of its kind cleared by the FDA for use with both braces or clear aligners.

We offer a Continuum of Learning for Light Accelerated Aligner Orthodontics

Every aspect of a seminar focuses on students' needs and goals. Time is valuable, and career training is hard to squeeze in the schedule, even in the best of times. That is why A&H Academy will be offering a wide variety of formats for student convenience and emphasise short delivery of tangible experiences.

Definition of Continuum – a continuous sequence or series of events, such as from simple to complex.



1.1 - Introduction to Orthopulse and Aligners

A lecture that reviews the benefits of aligner treatment and how to incorporate Orthopulse. Basic science of photobiomodulation and its actions, the scientific research background, actual cases reviewed with various applications and benefits to the patient and the practice.

  • For: Dentists

  • Fee: $195

1.2 - Introduction to Orthopulse and Fixed

A lecture that reviews the benefits of how to use Fixed and Orthopulse. Basic science of photobiomodulation and its actions, the scientific research background, actual cases reviewed with various applications and benefits to the patient and the practice.

  • For: Dentists

  • Fee: $195

1.3 - Team training to incorporate Orthopulse into the office

A lecture designed for the supporting dental team of hygienists, treatment co-coordinators, and assistants. In this lecture, the topics include how to maximise the efficiency of the team, how to deliver the Orthopulse and train the patient, what tools are available such as EZ attachment, and how to present a treatment plan. It is an open forum and interactive where team members can share their experiences and learn from each other.

  • For: Dental Teams (hygienists, treatment co-coordinators and assistants)

  • Fee: $195


“Special Sauce”

The second part of the continuum, what we call "Special Sauce", are hands-on courses held in the office of an A&H faculty. The special sauce course is for dental teams comprising the dentist, hygienist, and treatment coordinator. The participants will be provided with several take home teaching aids and a manual of best practices.

Topics include a review of principles from the first three lectures in the series. Learning a hands-on approach on how to use Orthopulse and efficient methods of placing attachments with EZ attachment.

It is an excellent opportunity for the team to interact and ask the questions they will need answering to make their offices more efficient and effective.

  • Course fee: $1,000 per team

  • By invitation only

  • Maximum ten teams


“Over the Shoulder”

3.1 One on one with Dr Arimoto in his office

Over the Shoulder Training is in the style of ‘on the job’ training' with the ability to observe and ask questions as perform the work. For the training to be of the highest value, a doctor should be accompanied by the treatment plan coordinator and hygienist.

The doctor and team will experience how a clinic operates using light accelerated treatment. They can witness the basics of clinic flow, from front desk to the new patient intake, data gathering, case presentation, and duties performed in the clinic. The providers will learn what their primary responsibilities are and as well the concept of delegation to others in the office.

The Over the Shoulder program is intended to provide focused one-on-one training opportunities to take a doctor and team to the next level in a condensed period. Take home materials to include instructional tools, handouts, and video tutorials.

Photos are allowed but must respect patient confidentiality.

  • Fee: $3,000 day

  • By invitation only

  • Maximum 2 teams

3.2 One on one with A&H Faculty Member at your office & Evaluation

If the dentist is still unsure how to implement the systems and incorporate the principles correctly, they can invite one of the A&H faculty to visit their office and watch what they do on a daily basis. The A&H faculty then provide feedback on what they observed and counsel on what they can do to improve their systems and functioning.

  • Fee: $3,000


“Secret Sauce”

The last rung on the continuum ladder is the mentorship and mastermind program which is a deep dive for the dentist into their own personal and business needs. It is a by invitation program limited to 10 participants who meet quarterly for two days for learning and exploration.

The mentorship program is an intense exploration for the dentist including personal development coaching by Dr Al. The dentist works on maximising their psychological and physical well-being. In conjunction, the dentist examines their business and works to maximise its health and performance. The program relies upon its members learning from each other under the guidance of their coach.

What to Expect

The group will spend time assessing their mental acuity and performance, their diets, their physical well-being and their ultimate business vision. Then they will develop the tools and methods to implement their mental, physical, and business goals.

The program is for those who are committed to change and improvement. The participants must be open to facing feedback that will make them uncomfortable, because it is at the edge of one's comfort zone where real change happens.

Dentists will have to complete an assessment to see if this program will benefit them and make their lives better.  A&H does not want participants to waste their time, energy, effort or money if this program does not help them.

  • Fee: $25,000 per year.