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4.3 Practical Steps on How to Integrate Orthopulse Into Your Practice

Kortney Kwong Hing

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Prerequisites: It is valuable but not necessary to have completed 4.1 and 4.2, which provides the background on fixed and aligner protocols as well as analysis of productivity improvements with Orthopulse use in the office. 

About 4.3

Speaker: Dr Alan Kwong Hing, A&H Co-Founder

The next step for your evolution in using Orthopulse is feeling confident in it's integration to your office's overall running. The 4.3 module is designed to help ease the integration of Orthopulse into your office. 

4.3 is an intensive one day course that will guide you through a detailed analysis of how your practice functions; from a patient's first phone call or web contact all the way to the final interview at treatment completion.

In this seminar, you will work through a series of exercises analysing how your office functions: focusing on tasks, the time it takes to perform them, and who is in charge of their completion. You will also work through solutions on how to correct any areas that are not optimal such as marketing and promotion. 

By improving the overall flow and functioning of the office, you will then examine how to Integrate Orthopulse into your office in the most efficient manner to maximise patient treatment, office productivity, and realise the economic benefits Orthopulse will bring to your office.

In this seminar, you will work individually with Dr Al Kwong Hing and as a group to develop a plan and the steps needed to fully integrate Orthopulse into your office. 

Event Details

Date: January 24, 2019

Time: 9 am – 4 pm

Location: Belle Salle Yaesu

Yaesu First Financial Building

2F&3F, 1-3-7 Yaesu. Cho-Ku


Postal Code 1-3-0028

Fee: 110,000 Yen