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Periodontics in the 21st Century

Integrating Periodontics, Implants and Orthodontics

Lecturer: Alpdogan Kantarci, DDS, PhD

  • Diplomate of Periodontology and Implantology, Forsyth Institute

Dr Kantarci has done research on orthodontics and bone loss, which relates into treating patients who have periodontal disease with OrthoPulse. He has shown with that with the use of OrthoPulse we can actually grow bone again to the genome level.

A word from Dr Al

I was humbled when I first met Dr Kantarci many years ago as he started to share his findings while doing research for Biolux. I felt that I was in the presence of genius, in a man who is grounded and with no ego even though he has every right boast about his achievements. I felt compelled that if I ever had an opportunity, I would love to share his wealth of knowledge with the world and not just dentists. A&H Academy is honoured to invite Dr Kantarci to Japan.

Dr Alp Kantarci is one of the world's foremost researchers, and his level of knowledge is stellar from a basic science point of view to practical dental applications. You should not miss this opportunity to hear from one of the most brilliant people in our field. This is a seminar that should not be lost as he will share some groundbreaking scientific findings that have considerable implications in our dental practices and in our own personal lives.

Course Description

This course is designed to present and discuss the emerging concepts in periodontics.

As in other areas of dentistry and medicine, technology, big data, high-end and high-throughput outcomes measures change the way we understand and treat the diseases. The questions emerge such as “how can we prevent, treat, regenerate, and maintain periodontal homeostasis better; are there better tools and approaches that chance the paradigms?” While these changes are exciting and happening, dental education also needs to evolve and adapt and most importantly adopt these changes in the daily practice.

The topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Preventing and treating periodontal diseases

  • Implants in periodontics and peri-implant diseases

  • Periodontal disease and systemic health

  • Ageing and periodontal tissues

  • Periodontal tissues and orthodontic treatment



May 16, 2019 - Tokyo

May 18, 2019 - Hong Kong