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Guest Speakers

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TADs Lecture & Hands-on Workshop

****Course currently postponed for registration****

Date TBD

Lecture Topics

Topic 1: Paradigm Shifts in Orthodontic Treatments with TADs

Since the mini-implant anchorage is used in clinical orthodontic treatment widely, the treatment planning of orthodontic treatment changes in some aspects basically. For instance, the selection of the extraction sites relies not only upon the anchorage condition, but also the conditions of the teeth to be extracted; original extraction cases can be treated without extraction if posterior teeth can be moved distally with the mini-implant anchorage to gain space; the protrusive profile after anterior crossbite correction can be avoided by distalize the whole upper and lower dentitions; LeFort I maxillary impaction is the only solution for the adult cases with severe gummy smile in the past. With the help of mini-implant anchorage, a large amount of incisor intrusion can be expected and esthetics can be improved a lot combined with the gingivoplasty; Besides A-P correction, vertical control could be enhanced with mini-implants in high angle cases. These conditions make the orthodontists reconsider the treatment plan with the mini-implant anchorage in mind, because the use of mini-implant shifts the paradigm in orthodontic treatment.

Topic 2: Tough Cases Made Easy with TADs and IDT

As an orthodontist of today, it is inevitable to face the challenges of adult orthodontics. No more growth, possible pathologies on TMJ, pulp or periodontium, missing teeth or multiple prostheses, including crowns, bridges and implant prosthesis, bite collapse in occlusions consequent to multiple missing teeth, and psycho-social demands all make the adult orthodontics much more challenging than regular orthodontic treatment in teenagers. Interdisciplinary treatment is usually indicated to achieve the optimized treatment results and the orthodontic bone screw is one of the most powerful tools for those difficult adult cases, which would be deemed as a mission impossible without the help of TADs and IDT. It needs not only comprehensive orthodontic treatment but also considerable support from various specialties of dentistry. Besides thorough communication, a comprehensive treatment plan is a key to the final success. The orthodontist is the one who should be responsible for the treatment planning and coordination, just like an architect for the blueprint and building a house. The orthodontist should be aware of the all the disciplines regarding various specialties of the dentistry so that he or she can make proper arrangement of all the treatment sequences and monitor the treatment quality to assure the ultimate success. The sequence and clinical tips for difficult adult treatment will be discussed in the presentation.

Hands-on workshop for clinical management of TADs

The experience of TADs evolutions and tips for patient management regarding the use of TADs would be shared. The rationale for the use of 2 mm extra-alveolar stainless steel TADs will be discussed and demonstrated. Not only the considerations before TADs installation, the clinical procedure to insert the TADs, but also the solutions to the failures would be discussed with the attendees for the smooth incorporation of the TADs into daily orthodontic practice.

Speaker: Dr. Johnny Liaw

  • DDS, College of Dentistry, National Taiwan University

  • MS, Graduate Institute of dental and craniofacial science, Chang Gung University

  • Past President, Taiwan Association of Orthodontists, 2013 & 2014

  • Director, Beauty Forever Dental Clinic

Dr. Johnny Liaw completed his orthodontic training at National Taiwan University Hospital in 1994 and received his master degree in Chang Gung Medical University. He is now in private practice since 2002 and he is also a part-time faculty in National Taiwan University Hospital. He served as the President of Taiwan Association of Orthodontists during 2013~2014 and the chairman of Taiwan Board of Orthodontics during 2015~2016.

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